There are a number of reasons why you may be looking to rent portable restrooms. You may need them at a construction site, for an outdoor wedding or at a fair or carnival you are hosting. Regardless of why you need them, there are a few key pieces of information that should always be listed on your contract when renting one of these items. Here are three things that should always be included in a portable restroom rental contract: 

The Pick-Up and Drop-Off Location and Time

One of the items that should always be included in your portable restroom rental contract is the pick-up and drop-off location and time. This helps to ensure that your toilets are delivered well before the event that you need them for and that they are picked up promptly afterward. This is especially important if you are renting land or space and can be charged a fee if your items are not removed in time. 

Who Cleans the Toilets?

Another key piece of information that should be included in a portable restroom rental contract is who is responsible for pumping the sewage from the toilets and cleaning them after your event is over. Some rental companies will pump the waste and clean the bathrooms for an added fee. Other companies require you to hire a sewage pumping and clean-up company to empty the toilets and get them clean again. 

The Type and Number of Toilets You Are Renting

The last element that should always be included on your portable restroom rental contract is the type of portable toilet you are renting and the number of toilets you are renting. There are different types of portable toilets that you can rent. Some are basic, while others are more luxurious. Always ensure that the exact type of portable toilet you are renting is included in the contract, so you don't think you are getting one type and end up with another. Likewise, it is equally important to list the number of toilets as well so you have the exact number that you need for the number of people you are expecting may use the toilets. 

The contract that you sign with a portable restroom rental is legally binding. As such, you want to include as much information in the contract to ensure there is no miscommunication and everyone is on the same page. Ensuring these three items are included in the contract helps to ensure that the key pieces of information are laid out in the contract. 

Contact a company that handles portable restroom rentals for more information.