Holidays bring joy and cheer to many people. They also tend to bring a lot of trash in the form of wrapping paper, packaging, excess food, and other items. Americans produce 25% more trash during the holiday season. If you are in charge of coordinating large events for your family, neighborhood, or another group of people, one of the things you might underestimate is the amount of waste you will produce. Here are seven events that you should consider renting a dumpster and recycling bins if you are in charge of organizing them. 

Coat Drive 

If you expect to have a high-volume coat or food drive in your community, you may want to rent roll-off bins to hold the items as you collect them. This can make sorting easier and give you a way to store a large quantity of items quickly. If you will be using bins for this purpose, you should contact your local rental service to make sure that they deliver clean, dry dumpsters or recycling bins that will not damage the items you are placing in them. 

The Day After Christmas 

The day after Christmas, it is likely that everyone in your neighborhood will have extra trash. Wrapping paper, packaging, leftover food, and old items that gifts have replaced may all be discarded. To facilitate a quick holiday cleanup, you can organize a few extra dumpsters for your neighborhood. To cut down on environmental impact, you can label one dumpster for electronics and holiday lights, to be sent for proper disposal as opposed to the local dump. 

Holiday Parade 

Parades produce a lot of trash, from items being thrown from floats to packaging that participants open as they are getting ready to start the parade. You can make cleanup quick by adding a few dumpsters at the beginning and end of the parade. Depending on the length of the parade, you may want to order a dumpster to place somewhere along the route, as well. 

Toy Giveaway 

If you are arranging an event where Santa or his elves will be giving away presents to children, you should have a dumpster and recycling bin on hand. It is likely that the children will unwrap their present at your event, and the wrapping paper and packaging will be left behind for you and your volunteers to deal with. 

Community Meals 

Whether you are organizing a free holiday meal for the homeless or a community gathering for your neighborhood, any time you cook in large quantities, you will produce a lot of trash. From disposable baking tins to food packaging, having a larger dumpster on hand will help contain the mess in your kitchen as you prepare food. It will also provide a place for guests to dispose of disposable plates and cups after they eat. 

Holiday Fun Run 

If you are organizing a holiday fun run in your community, you will be expected to supply drinks and refreshments along the course and after the race. A portable dumpster allows you to plan your race anywhere and still deal with the large amount of trash it can create. 

Community Cleanup 

If you live in a warm area, the holidays present a perfect time to organize a community cleanup of the neighborhood parks or jogging paths. A roll-off dumpster can make the cleanup go more quickly and make efficient use of your volunteers' time. 

If you are planning a large holiday event, you need to account for the amount of trash you will produce. Renting a dumpster or recycling bins can help contain trash throughout your event and keep cleanup simple and quick. Contact a company like Road Runner Waste Service Inc for more information.